England 2012

Reports of these dives can be found in The Frog

June 3rd
Underneath the Lifeboat Station Pier
Visibility = Zilch!

The Pier Preparing to dive - Oz, Giles and Wendy Preparing to dive - Oz and Giles

Sue Sue The Pier

Under the Pier

Looking back to shore Anthony Lifeboat Station

Barcombe, Sussex
July 1st
River Ouse

Anthony and Sue conduct the site survey Anthony, Abby and Graham set sail Anthony, Abby and Graham

Anthony, Abby and Graham Paul, Adrian and Guy

Adrian, Paul and Abby Graham, Adrian, Abby and Paul prepare to dive

The intrepid ones go in

Graham, Abby and Paul Meeting a passing swan

The boat support - Sue, Adrian, Anthony and Guy

Graham and Abby hitch a lift Sue the oarswoman

ALSO IN 2012........

We met some really cute otters in Devon. Click here to see them

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