Base Camp

Cornwall 2012

Camping. Cage Diving. Kayaking. Snorkelling.

Base Camp St. Austell

The bacon butties are coming!

Cage Diving with Sharks
OK, Cage Diving WITHOUT the little blighters never turned up
Newquay August 7th

The Atlantic Diver Preparing the cage Preparing the Chum

Cage diving, with othing to see Seal in Newquay Harbour Seal in Newquay Harbour

Kayaking and Snorkelling
From Newquay August 9th

Sue prepares Mussels

Sea grass Mussels Sea grass

Seabed Seabed

Sue in a cave Kayaks

Sand eels Seaweed


Seaweed Seaweed


Prussia Cove
August 11th

Prussia Cove Prussia Cove

Sand eels Drying the kit

....but it didn't end there. Oh, no. Then we went to Lundy Island

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