The World Bog Snorkelling Championships 2013
Waen Rhydd Bog
Llanwrtyd Wellls, Powys

In a peat bog, 226 miles from home, swimming through mud, reeds, tadpoles and (quite possibly) sheep faeces

As The Times puts it, "At the world bog-snorkelling championships in Wales, where competitors might have had a reasonable expectation of mud and damp, there was sunshine. At the Leeds Festival, where revellers might have hoped for sunshine, there were bogs. It is another traditional August Bank Holiday weekend"

The trench is cut, the crowd is ready.

So in I go....

For the record books;
I finished in a creditable 2 minutes 18.07 seconds
Came 46th out of 130 overall
Was Runner-up in the over 50s category
Results for the the top 50 can be seen here

The described it online as a muddy marvellous performance

Their print version didn't use the same strapline

There is a news report on the Championships here, which focuses on Dineka Macguire's stunning world record

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